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New Book by Yehuda Avner Now Available

On September 1, 2015, The Ambassador, the much-anticipated new novel by the late Ambassador Yehuda Avner, was published. Ambassador Avner conceived the alternate history of Israel and Nazi Germany nearly a decade ago, while attending a Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony at which Israel’s then-Prime Minister, Simon Peres, regretfully said that Israel “had been ten years too late.” Ambassador Avner considered the statement, and formulated a question that would become the basis of the book: “What if Israel had been established in 1938 instead of 1948?” He collaborated with award-winning crime writer, Matt Rees, to write The Ambassador, which they completed in February 2015, one month before Ambassador Avner passed away.

The Ambassador spins a suspenseful plot and introduces historical and fictional characters drawn from Yehuda Avner’s experiences working in the upper echelons of international diplomacy. The novel opens in 1938, when the British Cabinet accepts the Peel Commission recommendation to establish a Jewish state in the Land of Israel. Dan Lavi, a young diplomat sent by Israel’s Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, to serve as Israel’s first ambassador to Berlin, attempts to secure exit visas for as many Jews as possible. Entangled in the atrocities and terror of the Third Reich, Ambassador Lavi struggles to negotiate with Adolf Eichmann, to weigh the risks to his family against loyalty to his country, and to stop the Final Solution.

If you enjoyed Yehuda Avner’s previous book, The Prime Ministers, or are a fan of the alternate history genre, you won’t want to miss The Ambassador. Order your copy today!


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